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Forged, five armed, one piece cranks with "standard" bolt circle diameter (BCD 110/74mm).
Chainrings of all sizes from 24T upward  as used in racing-, mountain or touring bikes and also tandems can be mounted.
  The square taper for the bearings axle is presently Shimano or JIS.

 We deliver cranks in any length exactly (+/- 0,5mm) accustomed to your needs!
Cranks from 155mm to 200 mm are usually ready for shipment.
On demand we do deliver also smaller and bigger ones!
Tandemcranksets are also available in mixed sizes.

We use aluminium alloy Al 6061 T6 (forged and hardened).
Cranks are polished and anodized (on wish coloured) .

We set safety and stiffnes in the driving system priority to lightweight.
 Our cranks are more massive than most others.

Material and design of our cranks result in a higher torsion resistance then allmost all other cranks in the market.
 Weight tuning we can individually offer - but this will definitely reduce stiffnes.

Our cranks come with 5 years full warranty.